Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Ads - Huggies Jean Diapers

Look at the two women in the commercial. They are staring at a baby's ass! Perverts!! They also must be into scat, because he says his diaper is full.

This is the most controversial diaper commercial I've ever seen. It's been edited and changed twice since it originally aired due to people being upset. First below is the original version...

The commercial says:
My diaper is full... full of chic! When it's a number two I look like number one. I poo, in blue. The coolest you'll look pooping your pants.

The commerical was almost immediately changed on tv so it said :
My diaper is full... full of fashion! When it's a number two, I look like number one. I poo, in blue. The coolest you'll look pooping your pants.

Then it was edited again to change the tag line so it now reads:
When you gotta go, go in style.

People actually got upset by the word POOPING appearing on screen. REALLY?! I mean it's a comedy commercial about a diaper. If you are offended by it, you are full of chic! It actually makes me want to buy diapers! I know they are limited edition diapers and I should get them while I can. I will be able to use them when I'm old and incontinent and I will look amazing crapping my pants! All the other old people in the home will be so jealous and try to steal them from me, but I will hoard them. Or, I will make the handsome, well-preserved older gents a deal. They get one diaper for every "rectal exam" they let me give them!

I've really got to get to the store!


RYAN said...

Those whiny offended mommies have no sense of humor after being up to their elbows in CHIC all day.

Anonymous said...

Where's the vid?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be furious about a diaper commercial?
They say that word on television and don't care!