Tuesday, June 8, 2010


According to Deadline Hollywood, Spartacus star Andy Whitfield has been given a clean bill of health and is already training for his return to the set of the Starz drama series.

I wish I was going to be at Comic Con where Whitfield will make an appearance along with other actors and producers from the hit series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. He is another on my long list of guys I love from Down Under!!

Whitfield was discovered to have had treatable Stage 1 non-Hodgkin lymphoma in early March just as the show was about to start shooting Season 2. He began treatment immediately while production was put on hold.

Tests now revealed that Whitfield is clear of cancer and he has already started his own training to get back in shape. A very nice shape it is too.

Thankfully, Andy didn't die like all the other HOT TV Crushes I've had. First I liked Mark Frankel from Kindred and the TV show SISTERS. He died in a Motorcycle accident. Then I liked Kevin Smith who played ARES in Xena Warrior Princess. He died doing a stunt on a new series. Then it was Wentworth Miller from PRISON BREAK. Well he's not dead, but he is to me!! Then just recently Gary Coleman died falling down the stairs. I don't understand why GOD has to keep killing such hot snatch!!

While Whitfield was undergoing treatment, Starz announced a six-episode Spartacus prequel focused on two other characters from the series, played by Lucy Lawless and John Hannah. Whitfield will appear in two of the episodes.

YAY!!! We will get to see more of Lucy Lawless, I was sad during the season finale thinking she wouldn't be in Season 2.

With all this good news I have a 6 episode mini-series and then actual season 2 of the show to look forward to. And the erections that come with them.


Anonymous said...

Gary coleman was not hot sry...although its sad he is gone ...hot can only be used when using the word hot-headed

Anonymous said...

Anonymous i think ur an ass Gary Colemen was hot and hot - headed when he needed to be

RYAN said...

COMMENTER FIGHT! Here are a couple pillows, now take off your clothes. Annnd FIGHT!